Different Types of CBD

Different Types of CBD and How To Take Them!

Different Types of CBD and How To Take Them!

There are a variety of different types of CBD, but how are they different, and how do you take them?

One of the great things about cannabidiol (CBD) is how versatile it is. There are a variety of different CBD products available and also different types of CBD. Ultimately, the kind of CBD product that you choose to use will depend on a variety of various factors, including price, strength, size, delivery method, and type of CBD product.

When you first start looking at CBD, it can be extremely daunting trying to work out what you should buy and what all the different terms mean. CBD products are separated into different categories and types that will deliver a mixed reaction. It’s important to note that CBD has no psychoactive properties and won’t get you high. Most people that use CBD regularly describe the feeling after using CBD as being relaxed.

In the following article, we’re going to talk about some of the different kinds of CBD that you can buy, and what the advantages and disadvantages of each are.

What Are The Different Types of CBD?

There are three main types of CBD that you’re going to encounter when you start looking into trying CBD for yourself. The main types of CBD products are CBD Isolate, Full-Spectrum CBD, and Broad-Spectrum CBD. Let’s take a look at what they are and why they are different!

  • CBD Isolate – CBD isolates, as the name suggests, is a pure form of CBD. During the manufacturing process, the CBD is stripped from the plant material. CBD isolate doesn’t contain any plant material, other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, or essential oils. Some people prefer CBD isolate because it doesn’t contain any other compounds. It’s usually available in a powder form or capsule.
  • FullSpectrum CBD – Full-spectrum CBD oils and other full-spectrum products contain all other cannabinoids, including THC, but less than 0.2%. They also include the terpenes, flavonoids, plant material, essential oils, and healthy compounds found in the hemp plant. It’s believed that when you use full-spectrum CBD products, it can enhance the effects of the CBD. This is known as the entourage effect. Full-spectrum CBD products are available in a variety of different forms, including Full-Spectrum CBD Oil.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD – Broad-spectrum CBD products are similar to full-spectrum products with one significant difference. All the THC is stripped from the product, but other cannabinoids, plant material, essential oils, terpenes, and flavonoids remain. This means that you’re going to get all the benefits of a full-spectrum CBD product, and the entourage effect with zero THC. This can be extremely important to anyone that may have to undergo random drug testing as part of their employment or are sensitive to THC. There are a variety of different Broad Spectrum CBD oils that you can choose from.

What Are Some Of The Different Delivery Methods Available For CBD Products and How Do They Work?

One of the great things about CBD is how versatile it is. There are several different delivery methods (ways you can take it) available for people to choose from. Below we’ll take a look at some of the different ways that you can take CBD and what the advantages and disadvantages of each are!

You can take CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD vape liquid, CBD balms, and topicals, and one very exciting new way to enjoy CBD is through CBD dabs. CBD dabs and dabbing, in general, are a great way to enjoy CBD infused concentrates such as CBD wax. Let’s take a closer look at dabbing and how it works.

What Is Dabbing, and How Do CBD Dabs Work?

CBD dabs are concentrated forms of CBD, such as CBD waxes and shatter. As the name suggests, it’s a concentrated form of CBD, which means that you don’t have to use a lot of it for it to be effective. While it may look intimidating for beginners, CBD dabs are an extremely effective way for you to use CBD.

The concentrate is placed into the bowl of the dab rig or e-rig. It’s then heated with either a torch or e-nail. Once heated, a cap is placed over the bowl, and the vapor from the concentrate is inhaled through the dab rig. There is a large variety of different dab rigs available for people to choose from. The one that you choose will ultimately depend on your budget and experience.

Because the vapor is much stronger than regular CBD e-liquids, it’s essential to take it slowly when you first start using CBD concentrates. 

What Are CBD E-Liquids, and How Do They Work?

CBD E-Liquids are specially formulated liquids that are designed for vaping through an e-cigarette or vaporizer. There are a variety of different CBD E-Liquids to choose from, and they offer an extremely high bioavailability. This is because the vapor is drawn into the lungs, where it’s absorbed quickly through the thin tissue inside the lungs.

This is important because the bioavailability of the compound is how quickly and effectively it enters your bloodstream. The higher the bioavailability of something, the more of it makes its way into your bloodstream, and the more you’ll experience its effects.

While CBD concentrates and CBD E-Liquids have a high bioavailability, they don’t stay in your system as long as CBD oils and CBD tinctures. This means that you’ll need to ‘top-up’ throughout the day.

Different Types of CBD Conclusion

While early research into the effects of CBD is promising, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done into what CBD does, how it does it, and the long-term effects of CBD on the body. Always speak to your doctor or healthcare provider before starting any new supplements and if you experience any negative side-effects, stop using CBD immediately.

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